My Weekly Chart — Goal and Record Book

Do you need help motivating your kids to get their work — both chores and school work done?  Do you need help keeping everybody on task?  Do you have a child who like to fill in charts and track what they have done?


If the answer is yes, then take a look at this little book that is available on amazon or createspace.  It is a book full of charts that you can add to and fill out.  Each week has a 2 page spread.  One side is has a space to put in the date, your goals and a thought for the week to memorize or copy as well as what book your child should be reading that week.  Under those words is a chart for helping your kids remember to brush their teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, clean their room and do their chores, or the things that need to be done everyday also in addition to their schoolwork.


The second page is a chart just for schoolwork. You can fill in how many pages of math should be finished each week, how much time they should spend reading on their own, how many journal entries they should do and general subjects that you can define for your children according to your own curriculum and goals.  Then as long as the kids know what they are supposed to do for each thing, they can go do it and mark it off when they are done.  You will still need to make sure they are actually doing it though.

Then in the back, there are pages with spaces to list the books they have read and the science, history and other projects they have done.  Kids love filling things out and tracking their progress.  They also seem to do a lot better when they know exactly what is expected of them.  And a great bonus is to have it all in book form so that it works as a sort of report card also.img_0409

And if you want to make your own book, I used createspace for this one.  It was pretty easy and a lot of fun.  However, if you want to take advantage of my time figuring it all out, then you can just go buy your own copy here:

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