Travel Through Europe — Day 2 Copenhagen – 8 Kids- 1 Family

Traveling With Kids

Copenhagen was a great way to start our trip.  It was quite relaxing.  With a large group and so many kids, we just see what we can do in the time allotted.  The kids did great.  It was all very new for them, although big cities are big cities and they are plenty familiar with Boston.  We have also taken them on day trips to New York City, Phillidelphia, Washington DC, Montreal, and Quebec City.  So I would definitely recommend doing those types of activities with your kids before taking them on a multiple day travel type trip like this.

It depends on the kids too, I’m sure some kids would not need much prep at all, and some would need more prep and more help on the trip.  It was very nice to be able to travel without a baby in diapers or a nursing baby.  I love babies, and we have done many trips with babies, but it is certainly easier without diapers– you can just do more.

Everything is so new, different and interesting on trips like these for the kids, they just like to look and take everything in.  Riding the public transportation is adventure to them.  We made the 3 yr. old wear a pull-up just in case for accidents, but we were able to find bathrooms when we needed them.  Some of them you had to pay to use, so like most the time traveling, it’s good to have cash ready.  It was pretty easy to get healthy food in Copenhagen too.  We mostly went to little grocery stores, which saves on restaurants especially with so many people.  It is manageable and really fun.  We all want to go back, and we are looking forward to all the places we will continue to visit while we are here in France.

Day 2


So we ended up just being in Copenhagen 2 nights, with a lot of time spent recovering from jet lag.  The plan was to go from Copenhagen to Hamburg to Amsterdam to Flanders to Paris and then to our new home.  So we had about 5 days to do all that, and to make it on the trains at the right time meant that we saw what we could, but it was more of just getting a feel for Europe and enjoying all the train rides.

There is actually a lot to do in Copenhagen, we just brushed the surface.   Malmo, Sweden is just across a bridge– if we had time we would have just ridden a bus over there, but we got up pretty late.  So we checked out of the hostel and decided to go on a canal boat tour.  That was a good choice because our backpacks were a pain to carry and would not be fun to carry around sightseeing.

Here are some pictures of Copenhagen from the boat- we were able to see a lot.  These pictures really don’t do it justice:

copenhagen_26 copenhagen_33 copenhagen_32 copenhagen_31

We went under several bridges, the kids really liked that– they could touch the top sometimes, but they were not supposed to:

copenhagen_30 copenhagen_28 copenhagen_27

A really cool palace that the royal family still uses, you know they are there when the flag is up:


The opera house:


A new building built so that it can be used for skiing in the winter:


The statue of the Little Mermaid:


Some more cool buildings and bridges out on the water:


copenhagen_45  copenhagen_44

Down a canal built like a duke inspired by the canals of Amsterdam, there were a lot of houseboats also:


copenhagen_43 copenhagen_42 copenhagen_41 copenhagen_40

Some very ornate, beautiful architecture and sculpture– these pictures only give you an idea:

copenhagen_51 copenhagen_50 copenhagen_49 copenhagen_48 copenhagen_47 copenhagen_46

A restaurant boat:

copenhagen_57 copenhagen_56 copenhagen_55 copenhagen_54 copenhagen_53 copenhagen_52

copenhagen_58 copenhagen_59 copenhagen_60 copenhagen_61

And then it was over, the kids loved it– so we got all the transportation methods covered on the trip- airplane, metro, boat, train and bus.

This anchor was just outside where we got on for the boat tour, Copenhagen is just cool like that:


Everybody carrying their backpacks, we were headed to find something to eat, play at a park and then catch the train for Hamburg:

copenhagen_62 copenhagen_67 copenhagen_66

I love the architecture:

copenhagen_65 copenhagen_64


Right next to the park was a vegan restaurant!!  So we headed to the park, there was actually a playground, we dropped off all our bags and then a couple of us headed over to bring back sandwiches and I stayed with the rest of the kids at the playground:

copenhagen_69 copenhagen_70 copenhagen_71 copenhagen_72 copenhagen_73 copenhagen_74

That’s all our stuff for 10 people– not bad!!


The park was huge, I had to take a couple kids to find a bathroom, we found this restaurant:


This is what it looked like when we walked over there:


Gardens and statues and paths and trees and green spaces and fountains all over:


And here are pictures from the play area– this “dragon egg” was in the center and everybody had to take turns on it- it was quite popular:

copenhagen_81 copenhagen_80 copenhagen_79 copenhagen_78 copenhagen_77

#2 was really excited about the dragon:





Alas, it was time to head out again:

copenhagen_89 copenhagen_88 copenhagen_87

A few final pictures of Copenhagen before we had to catch the train to Hamburg– I just took these on our way over to the train station:

copenhagen_94 copenhagen_93 copenhagen_92 copenhagen_91


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