The White Mountains of New Hampshire

The drive up to the White mountains and the Great Stone Face was really really nice.  The kids want to be sure to return in the autumn. We then walked on over to see the Great Stone Face which actually fell off a couple years ago, unfortunately and sadly for many New Hampshirites.

whitemountains_1 whitemountains_2

In order to not be totally disappointed though, they have installed a way to still see the face with these poles, but I didn’t figure that out until after we hiked back up to the car, but I took pictures of the poles, I was pretty confused.  But we’ll just have to go back some day!

whitemountains_3 whitemountains_4

whitemountains_5 whitemountains_6

This cool pond/ lake was at the base along the walk to the viewing site.  New Hampshire is so pretty!

whitemountains_7  whitemountains_9

There we all are– all 10 of us and my cute girls on the right– they are so grown up.

whitemountains_10 whitemountains_11

whitemountains_12 whitemountains_13

A little picnic lunch and then my husband took the oldest boy to his wilderness survival campout for Boy Scouts.  He was super excited to use all his skills to survive out in the wild.

whitemountains_14 whitemountains_15

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