I love the idea of Thanksgiving.  Gratitude is I think is actually a power.  It is a force for good, appreciating what you have propels you forward and it is awesome that we have a whole day devoted to Gratitude and Thankfulness!!  We had a really nice time with family– my mom flew out, although it did end a little rough.  My husband flipped on a 4 wheeler on Thanksgiving Day– he will recover and fortunately is alive and didn’t break anything, so we are super thankful for that.   I got the flu the same day, so we were thankful to be at my brother’s.  And my brother and his wife are super awesome, so we stayed a couple days extra to recover some and thankfully my husband was able to drive the entire 16 hrs. home since I was pretty much living on cough drops and still didn’t feel so well.  The kids were great.  Life is good. Family is good.  We are all glad to be alive, we are glad to have each other and family who love us.

Here are some of the cool animals we got to play with at my brother’s. This little goat was raised with dogs and really acted like one– it was hilarious.  We had a great time especially when we were well!

farmanimals_1 farmanimals_2


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