Summer Camps

The kids attended a bunch of camps this summer.  I’m really glad they all had the opportunity to do so.

First the girls flew to Utah a week before BYU Young Musicians Festival.  They got to spend some time with grandparents and aunts and uncles.  Then they attended the BYU music camp.  For the older daughter, age 16, this was her 3rd time.  The first year she did jazz piano because regular piano was full.  It was challenging, but she did it and really grew.  Last year she did regular piano and really liked it, but thought she might like to get on the piano performance track and work to be one of the best.  She said it was quite competitive.  She held her own and did well, but sadly one of her friends went home early because it was just too competitive and she didn’t feel like she could do it.  This year, piano was full again when we signed up so she did organ.  She really enjoyed that a lot because it wasn’t competitive at all.  Most the kids were just learning to play the organ and she fell in love with it.  She learned how to do the pedals and everything.  She got to play the organ in church today, so that was nice.

My 14 yr. old daughter #2 went to the camp for trumpet, mainly because she watched her sister go the other 2 years and have a great time and she wanted to do that too, especially the flying on an airplane part.  She got to do that and had a great time.  Unfortunately, she was not all that proficient at the trumpet, having not participated in band last year.  So the week before the camp, they called us and said she may not be able to do everything, just because it takes strong trumpeting muscles and they practice hours each day.  But they worked really well with her, she got to participate in the master class with everyone, attend private lessons, sing in the choir, and learn to play just the main notes with her ensemble.  She had a good time also, and I was really glad she went because she would call me in the evenings unlike her older sister.  They do keep them busy, activities in the evenings, performances, and lots of classes and practicing during the day, so we weren’t able to talk long, but I was glad she was happy and doing well.  She will be ready for band here this year!!

My 12 yr. old son went to boy scout camp this year and had a really good time.  My husband got to go up for a couple days too.  There were about 13 12 and 13 yr. old boys who went.  They got horseback riding merit badge, rock climbing and tubing merit badges.  They were also given a bucket full of food each day to prepare themselves.  There was also a lot of hiking, their camp was halfway up a mountain.

My middle boys ages 10 and 8 got to go to cub scout day camp for a week.  I went for 2 of the days to help out and make sure they were going to be OK, but it was the same time as the oldest’s composition camp, so my husband was gone with her so I couldn’t go the entire week.  I took the 2 yr. old with me and left the 14 yr.old, 12 yr. old and 5 yr. old twins at home with lots of instructions.  They did a really good job of accomplishing their tasks.  I need to figure out how to get them to do that when I’m home.  Anyway, I was really proud of them.  The middle boys had a great time at camp.  It is hard to do anything wrong with this age group, the boys were just excited to be away from home, to each lunch with their friends and to do the activities.  The parents, however, were a little disappointed.  They had great facilities, but the coolest things were for the overnight campers of the same age.  So it was disappointing to find out that they didn’t get to go boating, fishing, to pirate’s cove, the Indian village or the castle that they walked by several times.  Also, the stations for archery and bb guns were not equipped to handle the 24 boys in our group, so the first couple days they only got to shoot 3 arrows and 5 bbs.  Listening to tons of rules was also a little exasperating, especially when they didn’t make much sense like no running ever, not even supervised.  Fortunately, one of the moms brought a bunch of games and the boys started bringing games from home to play during the down times.  And the boys all really did have a great time.  My boys were glad they went.

They got to do archery and bbs everyday.  They got to swim in the lake twice.  They did mini golf, a water slide, rock throwing, nature study, a craft, a campfire program roasting marsh mellows, bottle rockets and other stuff.  Unfortunately, I am missing most of the pictures, I think I didn’t save them when I thought I had, oh well.  These are a couple I got:

cubscoutcamp cubscoutcamp_1

cubscoutcamp_2 cubscoutcamp_3

cubscoutcamp_4 cubscoutcamp_5


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