Sledding and Winter

Winter finally showed up!! We got a nice snowfall and the kids loved it.  It was a bit cold yesterday down to the 20s I think.  But it got up to almost 40 today, it was nice.  And it is staying lighter for longer– yay!! It makes it so much easier to go running in the afternoon and for the kids to go outside and play.  It has rained since the snow, so the snow is mostly ice, the kids had a great time sliding all over it although they hurt themselves a bunch.  30s is perfect winter weather.  It’s not super cold that you don’t want to move, but it’s cold enough to keep the ice and snow there for all the fun winter sports.  Today was lovely.  And we went sledding twice last week, it was so much fun.  These are pictures just in the front yard, I’m really glad we have a little hill the kids can sled on without having to drive and then the sledding hill we drive to, is super cool and big and fun.  This is a great place to live!!

It was a beautiful day, the light was awesome.  Nature is just cool!!


sledding_2 sledding_3

sledding_4 sledding_5


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