We finally made it skiing yesterday!! I let the 4 older kids have their rental papers, get all their gear and then I pretty much did not see them the rest of the day.  It was really great that we met some friends there,  it is just so much more fun with friends.  So I pretty much have no pictures of the older boys, but they had a great time and they did find me for lunch and when it was time to go home.


Then I had the 8 yr. old who skis fine, but doesn’t want to go on any lifts.  It worked out great because he had a friend who is the same way and they really had a good time together.  And that left me with the twins and the 3 yr. old to worry about– which ended up being a lot this time.  So first the 3 yr old was mad because he didn’t get any skis like all the other kids and he wanted me to carry him the whole time.  We eventually made it to the ski lesson area with the 6 yr. old twins who have only been once before and just pretty much would fly straight down the mountain completely out of control.  So they had a lesson that would start in about 10 min. when #8 said he needed to go potty.  I thought OK, we’ll wait for the lesson to start and then I’ll take him to the potty– he still was wanting to be held all this time.  And in the meantime #7 was getting really frustrated at not being able to maneuver with his skis and falling down a bunch.  So he was upset and crying.  Finally the ski instructors came and I thought I would be a little free from the twins, as other lessons have had just a couple kids.  Well today, there were like 20 people from little kids all the way up to adults in the same lesson with one instructor.  I was pretty disappointed about that, because now I had to stay with the twins so they would know what to do.  At least #8 had gotten interested in playing in the snow by this time and I didn’t have to carry him anymore.


Anyway, #6 listened and was fine and getting the hang of it.  #7 was crying and almost screaming and #8 still needed to use the potty.  So I finally took #7 and sat him on the viewing bench and told him to just take a break and stay there– fortunately I had some dates and nuts in my purse for him to eat.  I carried #8 all the way to lodge and down the stairs to the restroom.  He finished his business, we went back and #7 told me he needed to go now.  #6 looked fine, so I took #7 & 8 on down to the restroom again.  At least #7 wasn’t crying anymore.  I left #8 on the bench, he had some stuff to color and some dates to eat, and #7 returned to his lesson.  Each twin got to go down the hill a couple times with the instructor, enough that they got the hang of making a pizza or the letter A with their skis so they could go down a little more controlled, and then it was time for lunch.

skiing_1  skiing_6

skiing_4  skiing_3

My friend came back from spending time in the car with her runaway 3 yr.old and we managed to keep the younger kids happy in the lodge for an extra hour before we returned to the slopes after lunch.  It was a lot easier when we went back out this time, we could take turns watching said 3 yr. olds.  Anyway,  I walked up the slope to help the twins when they fell, #6 didn’t need much help– he did great.  #7 continued to cry every time I went to help him, he would kick his legs and he wanted to go on the ski lift– whatever!!  So when my girls skied over, I had them go up with him and help him, #5 also helped him a lot and he finally figured it out and was able to ski down the bunny hill on his own in a controlled fashion.  Success!

I think it will be much easier the next time we go.  That is just how twins are– super intense doing stuff at the same time and then nothing– they don’t need that help anymore.  I am really glad we were all able to go.  The bill was footed by the grandparents Christmas money this year– and I think they sent enough so we will hopefully make it at least 2 more times!  Thanks Nana and Grandmama and Grandpapa!!

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