Green Pancakes

The most we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is to make sure everybody has on some green.  My husband wore a tie with his t-shirt because he couldn’t find anything else.  I make the usual green breakfast smoothie and green pancakes– I used spirulina to turn them green.  We also had celery sticks and cucumber slices to celebrate the green day.  No leprechauns at our house– I can’t even do the tooth fairy– there is no way I am introducing new magical creatures that do things in the night– I am way too tired at night for that sort of thing!!  Good thing my kids don’t know any different!

Here is the pancake batter before I mixed it– those white things are bananas.




And here are the pancakes:

stpat_2  Everybody waiting their turn in their green! :stpat_4

And some green coconut cream whip — not too bad– but that was a lot of spirulina (you can also see the lava lamps my boys made at their homeschool science class — I love our town) :


Running around outside in their green– the weather has been fanstastic– I have loved sending the kids out to play and run around:


Lots of board game playing lately, this is Cashflow:


We made ice cream for science, it was a great experiment:


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