Running Around in December

The weather has been abnormally warm.  It has kind of thrown me off because it still gets dark at 4:30 pm, but it is not cold at all.  So I finally realized that we can still and should go and do things outside and enjoy the long warm season because it may get cold again quick.  We are a little sad that we won’t get a White Christmas again, but really– I am just fine with that.  Our favorite park was closed so our next best option before it got dark was to just go to a very nearby field next to a really cool cemetery.  The kids had a good time running around and playing kickball.  I had them do some push ups and jumping jacks and then the fog rolled in and I had them run into it.  They liked playing in the fog.  It was fun.  We are definitely going to keep enjoying the warmth while we can– it looks like the sun is shining bright today so I think we’ll go on a hike this afternoon.  Very unDecember like, but we are going with the flow!!  We are adaptable!!

foggyfield_1 foggyfield_2

foggyfield_3 foggyfield_4

foggyfield_5 foggyfield_6

foggyfield_7 foggyfield_8

foggyfield_9 foggyfield_10

foggyfield_11 foggyfield_12

foggyfield_13 foggyfield_14

Spooky Cemetery:


Cool pink sky when we got home:


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