Robotics– Team Phoenix

This is my daughter’s second year participating on the Robotics team – Team Pheonix.  They made it to the championships last year. This is likely their last competition- it was held at the University of New Hampshire.  Her team didn’t do as well this year, they were doing OK at this tournament, even in 3rd place for a time,  but in the runs leading up to the finals, their robot was overturned and they were unable to get any points, nor were they able to move up.  But this team has been so good for my daughter.  The other students have been so accepting and welcoming of everybody.  The mentors are also fantastic.  They give so much of their time and energy for the good of this team.  And they are all so nice, I love these people!! Even though it is a large group, my daughter says there are no cliques.  The whole FIRST philosophy is very inclusive of people and ideas.  It is a great program and I’m really glad my daughter has been able to be a part of it.

This is in the pit where the teams can work on their robots and get them ready for battles.  Each team has a stall and give out buttons and other random things.  My daughter’s shirt was covered in buttons the next day!


She is the main artist for the team and painted the pheonix you see on this battery box.  Their team won the imagery award at the previous competition, largely because of her artwork.  She also designed the button.  It has been a great experience and she is getting very good at digital art.  She was very glad to be able to paint a mythical creature– those are her favorite!!


A view of the pit:


Some of the team and mentors in the stand– great people — my daughter also designed the logo on the shirts and sweatshirts:


Team Pheonix mascot– another team had Picachu– it is a lot of fun– music, lots of mascots and color:


Even some knights– this year’s theme was medieval:


The competition was complex and hard, the robots were all amazing:

newcastle_21 newcastle_20

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