Journals and Planners to Help You in Your Homeschool:

These can all be used with any curriculum you choose, they can be used with any course or book on the topic — they are just a simple way for your child to record what they’ve done and what they’ve learned.

The journals all help with their writing skills and with retention of the work they’ve done. ¬†They are excellent for the middle school age where the kids are making the transition from elementary/basic knowledge and familiarity to having and developing more in depth knowledge and being able to write and explain about different ideas, processes and such.


My Weekly Chart in Red

My Weekly Chart in Blue

Homeschool Group Time Family Planner

Study Journals:

My Notes for Lectures and Courses

My Science Notebook

My History Notebook

My Book Report Journal

Here is a list of these books on amazon if you would rather buy them there– send me an email or comment if you are interested in a discount in return for a review on amazon :