New Castle, New Hampshire in the cold

I absolutely love the ocean, and I love living just an hour away.  I miss it in the winter cause it’s so cold and it gets dark early– so when we had to drop #2 off in Durham for her robotics competition in the spring, we decided to go hang out at the  Children’s Museum and then I just had to go to the beach.  I had never been to New Castle– but had heard of it, so off we went– I wish I could take photos while driving, because it is so pretty.  The New England buildings are just cool!  We crossed the bridge from mainland New Hampshire to the island called New Castle.  It was so cool!  We eventually got to a park that was right next to the library and decided to get out and explore.  It was drizzling– not too cold, but we were definitely glad to have jackets.  The playground was wet, but really who needs a playground when you have nature and the ocean?

So we parked and walked past the playground and these geese on over to the water:newcastle

My oldest son is so helpful to his younger brothers (mostly) — here he is carrying the youngest on his shoulders:


It wasn’t a clear beautiful day, it was hazy and gray, but the water makes up for it.  Here is one of the lighthouses:


The bridge to the rest of the pier:


The cute houses across the bay:


The seagulls just resting as the drizzle continued:



All six of my cute boys– with the other lighthouse in the background:


I got myself in the picture– trying to remember to get more photos of me too– prove I was there too!:


We spent quite a bit of time just watching the water as it crashed against the rocks:

newcastle_11 newcastle_12 newcastle_13 newcastle_15

And back to the van– running and walking on the rocks, of course!:


A closer up view of the lighthouse– just so gray– we will have to come back!!


Here’s the van:


Of course we had to play in the puddles too– #3 in midair!!newcastle_19

It was a fun day– took a lot longer than planned, but it had been awhile since our last field trip.  We then found our way to Trader Joe’s for our weekly grocery trip and some treats, and then on over to Durham to watch the Robotics competition.  This day and traveling with my kids was so easy compared to the days of toddlers and babies, although I miss my girls on these trips– they are busy doing bigger kid things.  My youngest is not the easiest child, but being almost 4 he can understand logic and explanations, so I relaxed quite a bit.  Also, no diapers and no need to carry anybody.  It’s weird, but good.  However, I lost track of him at the Robotics competition because I didn’t realize there were multiple exits.  That was really awful and scary, but we found him safe and happy.  So I am reminded that while it is easier without fully dependent babies and toddlers, it is still work and I have to be more aware when we are out and about.  I am so glad we were able to have such a fun day together.

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