A Quick Stop in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Just on the other side of the US border lies the mighty nation of Canada and inside Canada, lies Quebec, practically a whole different country with a lot of French and European influence. And inside Quebec lies Montreal!  No need to fly all the way to Europe to get a feel for the foreign and a different language– just go to Quebec.  It’s pretty cool.  (Go to Europe too, though, travel is so much fun!)

We had been enjoying some really nice spring weather in New Hampshire in the 50s and 60s, very nice after the cold winters.  I hadn’t realized ’til we checked the weather the night before we left how much colder Canada is.  Montreal was in the 30s when we left, but I read that in one section of Montreal there are Subway stations and buildings and malls all hooked together underground and above ground so that people don’t have to walk outside.  That sounded nice and warm.  So once we drove around a bit looking for where that might me and also stressing because a little person needed to use the restroom, we finally decided on a place to park and then we started walking.  It was sunny, but we were glad to have hats, coats and gloves.

This is in China Town:


I love the architecture in Montreal, it’s just cool!


We stopped here after walking quite a ways in the cold and feeling a bit hungry.  There was a subway station at the end of this open park space, turned out it connected us to the warm “underground city”.

montreal_2 montreal_3

We walked down to the station and followed some doors that led to some more stairs and found that we were across the street and going up!


It was nice and warm, many coats were shed!


“Sortie” means exit, in case you were wondering, :).  I just thought the whole thing was cool, like secret passageways everywhere:

montreal_6 montreal_7 montreal_8 montreal_9

We eventually came to a food court which I should have photographed, but we got pizza and American Subway sandwiches.  We also got some poutin and I was super excited about a beet salad and a corn salad I got at a nice fresh cafe fast food place there in the little food court.  We decided to make our way back to the car above ground though.  It is faster and a little easier to get your bearings.  It was a fun little adventure.  I wish we had more time there, that is pretty much all we did.

montreal_10 montreal_11 montreal_12 montreal_13

See the snow!!  This was April!!

montreal_14 montreal_15 montreal_17

Have you been to Montreal?  What was your favorite part? Did you post pictures? Link below for me!!

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