Homeschool Field Trip To Cape Cod

It’s important to take time to celebrate accomplishments especially when you are homeschooling, because nobody else is going to acknowledge them.  It’s important to take time to say, “Good job, we did it, we are done, let’s go celebrate!”  So even though we were in the midst of packing, clearing and storing, we took some time to celebrate and do some fun things to celebrate the official end of our homeschool year.  The boys had all passed and finished a level of Singapore Math, the older one is completely done with Singapore Math and on to Pre-Algebra.  We were busy moving, school was over!  The girls didn’t get to go because they had some school obligations with the band.  Sometimes you just take whoever can come.


One of the places I had never been and wanted to see was Cape Cod, so after #4’s vision therapy appointment, we went.  It did not go as well as I had hoped, mainly because moving took way more time and energy than I anticipated and the kids didn’t get a good breakfast before we left for vision therapy. I did not pack a good lunch, and Cape Cod was another 90 min. away from vision therapy which didn’t end until noon, so I knew we had to eat before we got there.  In my mind we would find a great lobster shack and eat in Cape Cod near the water, but instead we got burritos, and that took an hour!! Finding parking in a 15 passenger van and ordering 7 gourmet burritos at lunch rush hour is no small feat.

So we were hoping to be able to take a boat ride to Nantucket, but it was looking like the timing just was not going to work out, plus my little boys needed to get out of the van and run around, so we turned to the first beach we saw once we hit Cape Cod which happened to be Silver Beach.

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The sand was soft and wonderful.

The boys had a great time for about an hour or two, then the bugs especially the little black flies chased us away!

It looked like we might make the boat after all, we were rested and ready for more adventure! But it turned out that they only take cash and I didn’t have time or gumption to go get some, plus it was getting late and we still had about a 2 1/2 hr. drive home.  So we went to the grocery store and got some food and ice cream!  It was a little weird in Massachusetts, it’s not as nice as New Hampshire.  When we came out there was a cop parked right there by my huge van, I knew he was going to talk to me, because I’m such a sight with a monster van and 6 boys!!  Sure enough, he was nice, but wondered if they were all mine.  “Yes,” I said politely.  He told my oldest son to be good and help out, and he said he was in awe of me.  I could tell he was looking to make sure everybody had carseats and seatbelts– check!  It’s nice that people are so nice, but it would also be nice to not be so conspicuous or the only one like me, oh well.  They just don’t really care about stuff like that in New Hampshire, we definitely stick out more in Mass.

We had a little bit of time so we drove to the next closest beach.  I was surprised it was closed which means free for parking, it was a Friday afternoon the last week before school ended.  But there was nobody there.  It was a little chilly with the wind blowing, but our food was yummy, the ocean was beautiful and the sand was soft.  We went with the flow and had a good time.  I can see why the rich and famous choose to vacation in this area, it is a full nature, natural, beautiful area, and we didn’t even make it to any of the islands.  But it is a huge area with plenty of beautiful spots in which to be almost alone in nature.

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We didn’t stay long and ended up safe at home around 9 pm in New Hampshire.  Busy, busy the next day with moving tasks, it was a nice break, I was hoping not too long or too much.  I was hoping to be able to take everybody to see Salem and Plymouth the following Fridays, but there was just too much to do with moving.  This ended up being our last real field trip in the Boston area.  I sure do love it there!!


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