I love feeling good and healthy, I despise being sick!!  There are lots of aspects to health.  While exercise and eating right and sleeping well are important aspects, health also includes our emotional well- being, our spirituality and our social interactions and  relationships.

I don’t post a whole lot on this, but I love Native American Nutritionals for their essential oils.  We use them for colds, coughs, warts, teeth, zits, sunburns and whatever else goes wrong.

I love herbs, and herb teas.  I have found many plants to be extremely useful.  Whenever I feel illness or a cold coming on or the kids complain, we take echinacea, garlic, cayenne and vitamin c.  It really helps if you take before you get real sick.  I really like adding different spices and herbs to our food for added nutrition and minerals.  It is fun to experiment and I really like Mountain Rose Herbs for those or amazon, of course– they are amazing!

Drinking lots of water and staying hydrated is also important.

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