Everyone Should Take a Personality Test

Not only is taking a personality test helpful in understanding yourself, it is also helpful in understanding others and why we do the things we do.  I have been reading about the different personality types and the aspects that go into determining the separate types and so many more things are making sense as to why I have done things I’ve done, and as to why others do the things they do and why I get along so easily with some people and have such a hard time with others.  Why some situations are easy for me and others feel so wrong.  My husband also took it and found it quite helpful.  I think this one at http://16personalities.com is the best.  We even went ahead and ordered the in depth ebooks about each personality (you can get all 16 for $149– let me know if you can’t find the link if you are interested– I am not an affiliate or paid to write this, btw), we had the older kids take the test, and now we can read about each one in depth.  It did cost some, but the in depth explanations have been helpful for us in understanding ourselves better.

Of course the danger is that you might think that well, since I have a P– which stands for Perceptive instead of the J for judging which goes along with being organized and rational, that I can just embrace that aspect of my personality and not worry about keeping up with house cleaning for instance — which I do find extremely boring and uninspiring unless I can listen to a book or lectures while I clean- which never happens with toddlers and teens in the house– anyway.  I can use it rather to acknowledge that I have a weakness there that I need to tend to and use my creativity to find a way to keep up with my day to day responsibilities because they need to be done, even though it does not naturally come easily to me.  So that an other aspects, I have found to be hugely valuable!!

I am sad that it took me 40 years to find that out, but better late than never, today is the youngest I’ll be!  It was cool to find out that my type and my husband’s type are highly compatible.  I am an ENFP-A, or diplomat, he is an INTJ – A or analyst.  We get along great.  It also makes a lot of sense why we chose to homeschool and how open minded we both are about most any topic.  We have considered ourselves quite libertarian and are fine with people choosing whatever they feel is best for them.  It also makes more sense why we had difficulty explaining some of our decisions to people and how many people were uncomfortable with our decisions– turns out that close to 50% of the population are considered sentinels– which is people who are good at practical matters, routines, maintaining hierarchies and the status quo.  It helps me understand humanity a little better too and why organizations and schools and communities are the way they are.  Why some people want to go to space– not me– and others just want to stay in the same place– also not me.  My hope is that we will all come to a greater understanding of each other and be more tolerant and kind and build a better world and environment for our kids and help others– that is such an ENFP sort of thing to write!!

So I think everyone should take the test and find out what their strengths and weaknesses may be.  It is nice to look over your life too and see how you have overcome some of those weaknesses.  In fact, for me I think I was raised to be a Sentinel and I thought I was- doing well in school, turning in my assignments, pleasing my teachers and parents as asked, but as I grew up and chose my major and chose to stay home with my kids and homeschool them, I have loved every minute, I have loved the freedom and flexibility, I have found that I am truly a diplomat type. Learning to keep up the house and organize things when that doesn’t come naturally for me has been tough, but I have been able to do it, at least to some extent.  I will never be as good at it as my mom was.  Life does have a way of grinding away those weaknesses.  My husband has helped me learn to say “no” to things to and evaluate things more rationally and logically.  I understand people not wanting to go to a ton of parties– although it took some time.  It has also been empowering to have words to describe some of my strengths and to embrace them as I look towards the future of kids moving on and becoming themselves and wondering what I want to be when I grow up.

So anyway, it’s fun to get know yourself a little better.  It’s fun to find traits in your kids and use it as a way to help them with their weaknesses and also to help them embrace their strengths.  There is no perfect personality– there is no one best way to be.  They all have strengths and weaknesses and of course there is way more to a person than these traits and categorization– it is simply a tool to help you be your best self.   These traits cannot measure your natural talent, experiences or opportunities.  But they are a good way to help you understand yourself better and find a way you can contribute to the world in a way that will give you more satisfaction and joy.  And also for the younger people it may save you a lot of time from pursuing a career in something you may really not enjoy.


I hope you enjoy the test and finding out about yourself, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!!

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