Children’s Museum of New Hampshire

This museum is a great size with a lot of really great exhibits.  I took the boys after we dropped my daughter off at her Robotics competition.  We went through the whole thing in about 2 1/2 hrs.  I’m sure younger kids could spend more time there.  There is a nice section for the under 3 crowd upstairs and eveything else is perfect for ages 3 – 12.  My 13 year old enjoyed it, but he was the first ready to leave.  We had plenty of time to explore and play this time, there were only a few younger kids, so it was nice for all the kids to be able to do all the things they wanted.  My 9 yr.old wore a green shirt for the green screen tv exhibit so he would look invisible in places — it worked:


The 11 yr. old got to fly– guess I didn’t take the greatest pic of that:


The submarine is pretty cool:


Building “stain glass” windows:



The under 3 section– I let the 6 yr. old and 3 yr. old play cause they really wanted to:


We made some crafts and played on the magnet table:

museum_11 museum_10

They spent a lot of time at this cool building table– the lights change according to the mountains and valleys the kids build– shining blue at the low points and green, orange and yellow as it gets higher:


Magnet table:


They spent a good amount of time racing the little lego cars they built:


Digging for Dinosaurs:


The museum is in an old mill building, I liked this picture of some of the people who worked here long ago.  What a job, especially for those little boys:


My boys spent a lot of time with this thing too–  it was supposed to model a fish hatchery, but it was mostly a maze for balls:


Cool beaver dam, can see out to the river:


We figured out how to work the looms this time and wove fabric just like the workers did so many years ago.


Great museum, great time, lots of fun, learning and creativity!

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