Camping at Lake Ossippee — Camp Calumet

I felt so empowered this summer in June, I took my 7 younger kids on a campout to Camp Calumet for 1 night by myself and then my husband and oldest daughter came up the second night.  It was homeschool week at the camp which is a family camp run by the Lutherans.  They run a great camp, it actually ran the whole week, but they were very open about what you could do.  We could go the whole week or just a couple days, we could get a meal plan or bring our own food, and we could get a campsite or stay in cabins with beds. Our campsite cost $20 / night which is very affordable and each campsite had its own water spigot and electricity.  The bathrooms were fairly clean and the showers were free– no coin operated things. Awesome!!  All the activities were included and the camp staff was great.  The kids had a ball and we met some really great people.  We are going to try to go again the whole week in June next year.

Here’s our campsite, we had cold cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, tofurkey sausages for dinner one night and cowboy caviar for dinner the next– easy was the order of the day.  I had no interest in cooking.  My oldest son brought his wilderness survival kit and did a great job with the fire and helped the other kids build their own fires too.  Firewood was provided and each campsite had its own bucket to put it out.



The twins were especially excited about the mini-golf.  They played it as much as they could, which was lot.  They did the holes over and over.

calumet calumet_1

calumet_2 calumet_3


This is the walk to the lake from the campsite, we had to cross a road and then walk past some fields.  The lake was beautiful.  There were tons of boats that we could just check out after reading the rules.  We waited for dad though.

calumet_4 calumet_5

calumet_7 calumet_8

But first, we wanted to do Rob’s world which was a type of obstacle course with team building games.  This first one, the kids had to figure out how to get a marble across a large distance with each person having just one pipe.  Then they had to swing across an imaginary firepit to a platform. Then there was a balancing game and climbing.  Really great experience.

calumet_9 calumet_10


calumet_14 calumet_15


We then went swimming for a bit, but made it over to do archery.  There was only one other kid there when we went, so everybody got lots of turns.  The 3 little guys played frisbee.  There was a nice open field with a shed full of all kinds of balls, frisbees, croquet, hula hoops, etc.

calumet_17 calumet_18

And then we got to ride on a pontoon boat except there was only room for 5 of us, so the 3 older boys went and played a serious game of mini golf while my daughter and the 3 little guys and I went for the ride.  Lake Ossippee is a really big lake and the ride probably lasted 45 min. to an hour.  It was really nice.  We all decided a house on the lake would be all right!

calumet_19 calumet_20

calumet_21 calumet_22

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calumet_25 calumet_26


The twins fell asleep, but the 2 yr. old stayed awake and he kept us on our toes making sure he didn’t fall overboard.  There’s a pic of a pontoon boat similar to the one we rode.

calumet_27  calumet_29


And this is the swimming area.  We really had a great time.  In the evening the teens got together and played ultimate frisbee.  The best part really was all the great people we met.  We were also happy to see my husband and daughter drive up and then tell them all about our adventures. I love being able to do stuff like this again.  It is so much easier with older kids.  My older kids set up and took down the tent, did a lot of the food prep and helped keep track of the little ones.  Oh, and there was a nice playground right by our site too.  I don’t think they could have done anything better at this camp.  We loved it! Check out was Friday at 11 am, so we took the opportunity to go see the White Mountains of New Hampshire on the way home.  Great trip, great experience, camping is fun!!

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