Boston Tea Party Museum and the Old South Meeting House

A couple Saturdays ago we took a trip into Boston to experience some history.  The Boston Tea Party Museum turned out to be quite good.  It was worth the high ticket price.


First we met in a mock Old South Meeting House, where each person got a card with a person to role play.  They did a great job getting the crowd fired up about the taxes and unfair treatment from King George!

teaparty teaparty_1

It was then time to board the ship with the tea and throw it overboard.  All the guide did a great job acting it out and telling stories about what happened and what it was like.  The ship was a pretty close replica of some of the ones that really held the tea.  Also, the harbor was full of mud at the time, the tide was unseasonable low at the time.


teaparty_2 teaparty_3

This is what the crates actually looked like, but the rebels had to cut the boxes open and actually toss out the tea leaves, otherwise, the crates would have been floating and the tea could have been recovered.

teaparty_4 teaparty_5


We then got to explore the ship all over, above and below– pretty cool!

teaparty_6 teaparty_7

teaparty_8 teaparty_9

teaparty_10 teaparty_11


We then went on over to the dock for more stories and role playing.  There were some nice areas where we were not allowed to take pictures with some films and diaoramas and other cool stuff that brought the time period and events of this historic event alive.

teaparty_13 teaparty_14



Putting your thumb to your face like so and yelling “fie, fie” was a great insult in those days.  We did it a lot when talking about the king.  There is also a photo of the ship we boarded.


We then walked a few blocks on up to the Old South Meeting House.  The kids liked Milk St. and wanted a picture of it:


The museum stays open til 5 pm, we were there about 1 hour or so.  It was nice because they had a scavenger hunt for the kids to fill out.  I learned a lot by helping them and found what was important to notice.  It was really nice how they let us walk all over the building and sit in the pews.  The displays were also nice.

teaparty_20 teaparty_21

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It was a nice day, so glad we got to do that with the kids and some friends.

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