Boston Conservatory Intensive Composition Course

My oldest child was fortunate enough to be accepted into a 2 week intensive high school course for  music composition at the Boston Conservatory.  There were a total of 24 students accepted.  They had to submit 2 written compositions, an essay and a letter of recommendation in order to be considered, and of course be able to pay the tuition, which was not cheap.  The school is about 1 hr and 15 min. away without traffic and parking so we decided to have her commute since my husband can work anywhere with his cell phone connection to the internet.  With traffic though and parking at a subway station outside of Boston, it took about 2 – 2 1/2 hrs. everyday for them to get there.  The camp started at 9 am and usually ended around 9 pm, so they would leave around 6 am and get home around 11 pm, sometimes earlier, sometimes later.

My husband was officeless which was a little difficult, but he managed.  I met up with him one of the evenings on his birthday and took these pictures. He was certainly super dad.  But it was nice that he could spend some time with our daughter and help her with her confidence and navigating through Boston.  By the second week, she didn’t need much help, and if we were to do it again, I think it may have been worth it to have her just stay down there.  The group of kids she was with were really great.

The first day the kids were assigned to write a duet part to a piano piece which was due the following day.  She was able to pull it off and she ended up doing really well overall.  She also wrote a tuba/trumpet duet, a bass clarinet/ marimba duet, and a string quartet.  They took them to the Museum of Fine Art and to the MIT museum for inspiration for some of the pieces.  It was funny that her abstract piece ended up being her favorite and the quartet which she was the most excited for, ended up not being as good.  But she learned a lot and made some really good friends and hopefully she will be on her way to producing lots of her own music, and have a better idea of what is out there for her.  We are very proud of her.

The Esplanade is really beautiful in the evening.  I was glad I got to go spend some quality time with my man.

conservatory conservatory_1

conservatory_3 conservatory_4

There was an outdoor concert.  Boston is really such a great city.

conservatory_5 conservatory_6

conservatory_7  conservatory_9  conservatory_11 conservatory_12

conservatory_14  conservatory_16

conservatory_17  conservatory_19

There are a couple pics of the conservatory:

conservatory_20 conservatory_21

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