Hello, This blog is about sharing ideas that help in raising and educating your children.  I have homeschooled, public schooled, part time public schooled and after schooled.  It’s all good, there are lots of resources out there, it can be a little tough to sift through it all and figure out what will work best for you and your family.  And it can be hard to figure out what skills, knowledge and education your child will need.  That is where this blog comes in, I hope it will be a good resource for you in figuring it all out.

Here are a couple pages you may find interesting and hopefully helpful:

This is a list of 9 books I have to be the most helpful in implementing our customized education for our children.

This page has some good general advice on homeschooling and making it work : Homeschooling

This page is a synopsis of our basic homeschool plan and what we hope our kids learn and do before they are all grown up and released to the world. Our Homeschool Plan

This is just a couple sentences of my homeschool/ teaching/ learning philosophy: Philosophy

Make sure your child learns to read phonetically — How To Teach Reading



A little about myself and my family–

My husband and I have 8 children ages 18 – 5.  We are currently living in France, we have been here about a year. My husband is a computer programmer and works from home.  Since he and his entire team all work from home, he asked his company if he could work from home in France so we could give our kids an international experience, learn a new language and travel around Europe easily.

It has been a great experience although French is a lot harder than we anticipated.  The kids all went to French public school last year in hopes of learning French well- some of them learned it better than others.  We are homeschooling everybody again this year, and everybody is pretty happy about it.  French school is long! 8:10 am – 4:50 pm.  But learning French well is one of our main focuses this year.

The oldest is attending college at BYU Idaho, we miss her, but she is loving college and doing great as a music major.  She is a composer here is a link to a song she wrote and played on youtube, The album is for sale here.  The other kids have not decided fully what they want to do yet, my sophomore daughter is leaning toward art and animation.  The boys so far have been pretty interested in computers and video games.  I suspect we will have some programmers like their dad and some entrepreneurs.

Thanks for stopping by, leave me a comment or a question if you feel so inclined, I love feedback, I love lurkers too.  I hope you find something of use here.  Take care– have a great day– thanks for reading!


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