Travel Through Europe — Day 1 Boston- Copenhagen – 8 Kids- 1 Family

Logistics Of Traveling and Moving At The Same Time


So we were so busy cleaning and clearing, getting ready to move, we sort of forgot about our plan of flying into Copenhagen and then making our way down south to France where we were moving to.  We had always heard that travel in Europe is pretty cheap, once you get there- we had our cheap tickets from Boston to Copenhagen, just about $230 a person.  But we had not made any other arrangements.  5 days before our departure, we looked at Eurail passes.  They were a lot more than we expected.  We wanted the experience though, but really it would have been much more economical to pack more suitcases and then rent a car and drive to France.

It ended up costing as much to get a 5 day Eurail pass for 5 countries for our family as it did to fly over there.  So transportation costs ended up being about $5000 total for us, and that was with 5 of us being kids traveling for free with paying adult fare and some student fares.  Also, we had to have them mail our Eurail passes to our hostel in Copenhagen, because we did not order them far enough in advance for them to get to us, and we could not get the deal otherwise.

Good-Bye New Hampshire

But these are the last pictures I took out of the van saying good-bye to New Hampshire for awhile.  It is a lovely, awesome place!!  Our house which was great for us for this time, close to the village on a dead end street with a nice big yard, and the quarry that I was worried someone might fall into til I finally got smart and had the non-swimmers wear life jackets whenever they went down there– it was great for catching frogs. We drove to our friend’s house. He rode with us to the airport and then drove the van back to park it at his house.  That was extremely nice of him.  I am so glad we have such great, nice friends, and that there are such good people in the world.

airport_1airport airport_2

The Airport

We wore our niceish traveling clothes, everybody had one backpack to carry with a couple pairs of clothes, the laptops and tablets and then we had a snackbag, my purse and the camera bag.  It was pretty nice to not have many things to keep track of.  I guess we had some extra time at the airport, I took a few pictures.  This was the first time for the boys to ride an airplane, and the first time they had been close enough to see them take off and land.  We were hungry, it was weird to rely on restaurants for food, I usually pack food whenever we go anywhere, so that was different, but the kids loved it– all that white flour we seldom eat!

airport_3 airport_4 airport_5 airport_6 airport_7 airport_8 airport_9 airport_10

For being a “cheap” airline, Norweigian Air was awesome– very high tech, tablets with movies and a map to see exactly where the plane is flying on a map of the earth, more efficient fuel, plenty of storage for carryons, and very comfortable.  We left Boston at 9:21 pm and arrived in Copenhagen at about 10 am.  Some of us slept more on the plane than others.  It was only about a 6 hr. flight- really not bad at all.


The airport in Copenhagen is like a big mall, lots of high end stores– even a lego store, but I guess I didn’t take any good pictures of it- sorry. We went through customs there which was just basically waiting in line for a little bit and then showing our passports.  It did take a little bit of time to figure out where to go and how to get out of that mall/ airport and then how to buy metro tickets.

It was raining, we were glad we had packed rain jackets, because we needed them.  We got on the metro from the airport and got off near the hostel we had booked just days before.  I was pleasantly surprised to find hearty brown bread and delicious fruits and veggies available at a regular grocery store.  We walked through a market afterward, and there were lots of food options, but we didn’t know that until after we had eaten.  Walking through Copenhagen was pretty cool.


We got to our hostel just a little before check-in at 3 pm.  8 of us were together in one area and Dad and #1 were together on the same floor in another area.  The kids loved having their own little space, and all the people were nice, but I don’t highly recommend this option.  It was a fun European experience, something none of us had ever done before.  I stayed there with #8 while he took a nap and the others explored.  We also got ice cream and a waffle at a cute little store.  It’s so nice to know there are no GMO’s there and the food really does taste better.

copenhagen_2airport_12 airport_13 airport_14

Dad and the kids had discovered some cool inground trampolines, so we all went for a walk.  It rained on and off but it was really beautiful. I found the best salad place– it was amazing. I posted the salad on instagram, I haven’t run across anything that good since– yet!

copenhagen_14 copenhagen_13 copenhagen_12 copenhagen_10 copenhagen_8 copenhagen_7 copenhagen_6 copenhagen_5

This is the hostel we stayed at called the Bedwood Hostel, apparently built in 1756.  There were a lot of young travelers staying there.  It was not that great of accomodations, but it was the best we could find at the time, and it worked.  The location was great, the road it was on was right on a canal with lots of boats and lots of restaurants.  The area felt safe and was not run down at all.  These pictures were all taken very near the hostel on our little walk.  The rainbow was beautiful, the sky was beautiful.  We all love Copenhagen, it was just nice, and did I mention how great the food was?

copenhagen_4 copenhagen_3 copenhagen_19 copenhagen_18 copenhagen_17 copenhagen_16 copenhagen_15 copenhagen_25 copenhagen_24 copenhagen_23 copenhagen_22 copenhagen_21 copenhagen_20

It was bright light clear ’til 10 pm, not sure when it actually got dark.  But we had a hard time getting up the next morning, everyone was really tired.  Day 2 will be an upcoming post.

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